MSM Testing Initiative (MTI)

The MSM Testing Initiative (MTI) is a CDC-funded initiative aimed at identifying 3,000 previously undiagnosed HIV-positive men who have sex with men (MSM) and linking 85% of them to care. This initiative is collaboration between Emory University and Abt Associates and employs four outreach and recruitment strategies aimed at reaching undiagnosed MSM. MTI partners with local Community Based Organizations (CBOs) across the country to implement HIV testing through expanded and enhanced venue-based testing, at-home internet testing, couples voluntary counseling and testing, and episodic testing in high prevalence cities. MTI is a three-year initiative, ending in September 2014.

Project Staff:
Principal Investigators: Patrick Sullivan, DVM, PhD
Co-Principal Investigators: Rob Stephenson, PhD; Travis Sanchez, DVM, MPH
Project Manager: Mondie Tharp, MPH
Additional Staff: Monica Trigg, MPH; Anthony McWilliams; Jasper Barnes; Tyree Staple

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